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Maybe more then you want to know…

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Over the last year or more I have found myself coming here less and less, my friends posting here less and less, Facebook has become dominant.
I do want to continue to keeping an art blog, but not here. There is so much baggage here, so much angst and stuff that is locked and private. I don't want to build on what for me has become an ugly foundation and this I bid this journal fair well, its been fun but all good things.

I will be keeping a art and creative endeavour journal over at blogger and it can be found here if you have an interest.

See you all in the real world, or other virtual scapes.
and out.

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* * *
Another EA ref - I know, obsessed... but really she just has some amazing poses. Again a bit of style play, its just good to be 'painting'

* * *
Decided to go for the watercolour look only lightly tinted the inks, and the background irregularity is mainly to break up the boarders for the shirt version.

* * *
Current sketch... I think I want to do this one in a kind of water colour style, not sure yet what I will do with the inks.

* * *
* * *

I'll probably run with this as my first attempt at T-shirt design. If you think anything is heavily out of order feel free to let me know.
* * *

Re-ink of an old image, looking at making this the first shirt design. Little more clean up on the inks then to add the colour and put it up on zee red bubble.
* * *
Drifting a little too close to 'Bradstreet' again. Too tight, need to loosen up. not to say I dislike the image, just not the direction I want to go in.

Feel like I'm living art again, more ideas then time and this is a good thing. I have a couple of ideas in mind for T-shirt designs, Just want to make sure I use the right styles for the right kind of image.
Feel like 'the dream' TM is potently feasible once again. More on this tomorrow or Thursday.

* * *
I am going to attempt to get this journal back to an art journal once again. Trying to re-focus on certain styles and doing a lot of photography. In the past a lot of my stuff has been fan based or referenced from photos that I didn't have the rights to. This will now change to become the minority.
The idea in general is to do a lot of drawing , take a shit load of photos (model shoots and events) do a bit of 3d, but less of that as its what I already do for a living :).
Although the old entries will remain, I'm going to purge most of the old images etc. want a bit of a clean slate. I'll re-do the web sight as soon as time allows and I'm looking at putting some of my stuff up on stock photo and sale stuff on red bubble.
In short its time to stop dicking around and try and get this art shit together. Lets go :)

Oh and here is a photo and a couple of sketches in one of the 2 styles I'm trying to refine and make sellable.

* * *
Its how many years old, and now I think about rolling a character.
That's right looks like I'm starting a character so I have something to play during those random 30min -1hour when I don't want to think about all the self-improvement stuff I feel the need to be doing.
So now I must choose a server
and a race and class... probably leaning towards a 'bloodelf paladin' or a undead rogue or priest... so many choices.
So much nerdom
so much potential backlash.

In other news I'm learning the violin and have the basics of the first fingering (but far from competent) so does that balance out the nerd or just make me a music nerd...

Oh and rehearsals for the return of felafel start soon.
so Acting-music nerd...

* * *
* * *