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Inspired by some of the work of Linda Bergkvist
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A bit over week ago I set up a basic little half ass'ed studio in my garage to take some photos. Mainly so I could have some reference material that was truly mine, but also in the hope that I may not suck at the whole photo thing (my obsession with having a hand in everything :P )

The studio was basicly a large white curtain backing sheet of material, a black bed sheet over the top of that for some of the photos. A 3 point light set up of a double head 1000w halogen on the high top right (primary), a small flood, mid hight left (as fill) and a small flood with a blue globe on the ground hard left (tinted backing fill).

Lenses were a mix of a 50mm 1.8 prime and a 17 - 85mm

The shoot took about 4 hours, costume and make up can take some serious time, and I learnt a lot from doing it, so many mistakes to be corrected in future to do with lighting , focus, f-stop etc. But I got some great ref out of it, and the photos themselves worked out pretty well I think. More under the cut, cant wait to do it again and a big thanks to my friend and model Miss Lauren.
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This one was just for me, not so much a learning thing, ref’ed from a photo that I loved and have wanted to do a painting from for ages.
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One of my weaker points is the initial sketch. I am reasonable good at taking it form this point to ‘polished’ product, but often I am polishing something that is a bit broken, so I am currently doing 15 min sketches (from photo ref) to stop me bogging don in the detail and to try and correct some issues. So here is this evenings hour

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Another Emilie sketch and

A pretty friend
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Quick and dirty sketch of one of my favorite musicians Emilie Autumn

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Based on a photo by a friend of a friend (Paul Broadhursts photo of Jane Franken) Its been far to long
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Against the dying of the light.
So it has come to an end, but oh what a spectacular end it was, with an amazing run with solid audiences through out. The final nights we were blessed with sell out audiences and waiting lists for seats. Having done shows previously with the usual expected audiences (ie the low numbers that amateur theatre attracts in this fair city of ours) I think I have been spoiled now by the amazing turnout we had for this show. I think we performed the show to somewhere between 1500 and 2000 people which is kinda shiny.

Id like to thank the academy.
There are so many people I would like to thank.
To Natalie for being a fantastic director, for casting me in the first place thus giving me a chance to walk the boards again.
To the other actors for being such fantastic people to perform with and for making the ‘dead time’ between scenes so much fun backstage.
To the crew, who made things run well and smooth, for having things ready each night and for cleaning up at the end of each show while most of us actors where larking about outside with the audience.
And to Friends, Those who came along to the show, some more then once (or twice for that matter) Friends who despite my stance being, you don’t need to support me in my creative endeavors, did so anyway. My honest and heartfelt thanks to you all.

La petite mort
So its over, and the post show blues have descended as is expected. For three and a half months now this show has been the thing foremost in my mind. Excitement and fear, and trying to perform at my best. Now its over and till I have something to replace it, there is a bit of a hole.
I will miss the people whose pockets you live in over the course of this intense period, especially a particular person who I formed a bit of a cast crush on *little sigh and lopsided grin*
I will miss the performing to people and the immediate feedback, the applause and the bow.

Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps…
I need to do more of this stuff, so now I look to the future, I am on the hunt for more roles, so I can add to my performance resume. Should probably get some headshots done at some point and I must look into the possibility of further education in this field. A drivers license and some sort of physical buffing up may also be in order. But for now I will take a couple of days, wallow a little, shed a tear and store away the memory acorns for the lean times. Till I get to do it all over again… and again…
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