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Its how many years old, and now I think about rolling a character.
That's right looks like I'm starting a character so I have something to play during those random 30min -1hour when I don't want to think about all the self-improvement stuff I feel the need to be doing.
So now I must choose a server
and a race and class... probably leaning towards a 'bloodelf paladin' or a undead rogue or priest... so many choices.
So much nerdom
so much potential backlash.

In other news I'm learning the violin and have the basics of the first fingering (but far from competent) so does that balance out the nerd or just make me a music nerd...

Oh and rehearsals for the return of felafel start soon.
so Acting-music nerd...

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On October 25th, 2009 05:13 am (UTC), gygaxis commented:
30m-1hr lulls is not what WoW is for just sezzin

on the 3 servers I played on (1 alliance, 2 horde) alliance are full of shitty douchebags that are functionally retarded, and horde is about 1/2 the size usually and full of assholes that at least know their shit. If you're a paladin expect to be harassed to heal or tank, same for a druid. Blood elves currently have one of the best leveling experiences just because their starting zone was most recently designed and really streamlined vs other horde races. Priests are ok if you like healing, haven't played since bc, but I liked lock dps mechanics better than shadow priests, locks are retarded easy to level and really fun, rogues have a ton of down time, hunters are really fun, and can be played simply or complex with very limited downtime
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